Three reasons why you should be filling out the EmployerOne survey

CaptureOne of the most essential components of operating a business is market research. This refers not only to its product’s consumers, but also the potential employees that they may hire in the future. Businesses big and small should understand their local labour market so they can modify their operations and recruitment processes.

The EmployerOne survey is a collaborative project among the nine Workforce Planning Boards. It aims to gather accurate, useful information about the western region’s labour market reality. The best part? The results are shared with everyone. You can view last year’s analysis here.

Still not sure this is right for you? Check out what the EmployerOne survey can do for you below:

Find the employees that you need.

It’s a given—every employer wants someone who has the skills and talent to execute their job successfully. The information this survey gathers will help educational institutions decide where to focus their resources so that the graduates they produce will be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge that businesses need.

Save time and resources—let us do the research for you.

This catch-all questionnaire aims to eliminate the need for multiple surveys conducted by individual businesses. Its questions are designed to cover areas of interest to many employers, and since the results and analyses are shared with the public, you will be able to see the trends in hiring and workforce development as soon as they come out.

The EmployerOne survey is especially useful for smaller businesses. As a relatively small organization ourselves, we get it. It can be difficult to gather the information you need if you don’t have the resources and brand recognition in the community. However, with this survey you will have data from over one hundred employers in the region that you can analyze and use to your benefit.

Stay on track.

There are a number of questions in the survey that will make you think about how you are currently operating, the direction in which your organization is moving, and the steps that you need to take to reach your goals. The EmployerOne survey can help you reflect on your plans going forward, and figure out how close you are to achieving your vision.

The Grand Erie Workforce Planning Board also created a short video highlighting the advantages of the EmployerOne survey:

Take the survey now!


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