Yasmine Khater, an AIESEC Alumni, Shares the 25 Skills Learned Through AIESEC

Transpiral.com shared an article that illustrated what Yasmine Khater had learned through AIESEC. Yasmine Khater is a career and business coach and motivational speaker who specializes on enabling women towards success. Additional to this impressive career, Yasmin is an AIESEC alumni!

This article was written after Yasmin was able to chair an AIESEC conference, which enabled her to reflect upon and share how AIESEC has made a positive impact on her professional career.

Some of the various lessons that Yasmine learned were working with teams, sales and negotiations, communication, financial management, confidence and many more skills. One particular skill that Yasmine highlighted was public speaking. She recalls in the article, “When I joined AIESEC, I could barely speak in front of a crowd. My internship to Estonia was like speaking boot camp; I was running workshops for 20-30 people then teaching hundreds to belly dance at festivals!” Through her experience in AIESEC, she had developed and greatly improved her public speaking skills. These are example of skills taught in AIESEC conferences all over the world and are enforced to all AIESECers.

To read the whole article, click here!

What are some benefits you have received as an AIESECer? If an AIESECer employer, which of the skills learned by Yasmin have you seen in your AIESEC interns? Comment below!


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