Marcus Orlovsky explains “Why AIESEC?”

AIESEC UK shared a video about the impact AIESEC has on the global community. Marcus Orlovsky, an internationally renowned speaker and education consultant, outlines the benefits AIESEC has for both students and businesses. In the video, he also explains the difference between a regular student from a diverse AIESEC student – the difference being the more globally minded and connected they are. This video is an excellent example of  how influential AIESEC-ers are and how they can positively impact the success of a business.

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Business Insider’s tips on how to run a successful internship program

In theory, an internship causes a a win-win situation for both parties involved. The intern gains valuable employable skills and the company gets a inexpensive, temporary employee. However, as Business Insider outlines, this may not be the case in real life. This situation causes problems for most corporations. The author, Bianca Male, shows how companies can run a successful internship program and how to raise valuable interns.

She gives 7 tips and these include:

  • Use more recruitment techniques: This includes building relationships with potential interns over time by going on campus or attending recruiting events.
  • Effective starting point: An orientation sessions is a must once hiring an intern.
  • Communicate your expectations clearly: Be very clear with what the intern is going to be doing and what your goals are and expectations.
  • Never think of your interns as “Free Labour”: Give interns legitimate projects and real work experience.
  • Assign real, hands-on projects: Give interns something of value that could produce real results.
  • Establish a regular feedback system: Establish a formal way or giving criticism and feedback.
  • If mistake is made, address it immediately: Tell the intern what they did wrong and show them how to fix it.

Once a company is able to establish an effective and successful internship programs, it will be able to grow as a business and be more competitive in their respective market. AIESEC Laurier is able to provide companies with active and qualified interns from around the world with a global mindset. With these interns, companies are gaining the competitive edge that local interns may not be able to provide. An effective internship program builds qualified interns.

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John Jung, CEO of CTT, announced as speaker at upcoming event #YGenY

AIESEC Laurier is happy to announce John Jung, CEO of Canada’s Technology Triangle Inc., as a speaker at our upcoming event, “Why Generation Y Gives You the Competitive Edge”, this May 1st!

John G. Jung leads a diverse team at CTT Inc. a dynamic not-for-profit public-private partnership that is focused on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and markets the competitive advantages of the Waterloo Region to the world to attract businesses, investment and talent to the Region. John is an award-winning registered urban planner, urban designer, economic developer and global speaker on planning, development, urban design and economic development related issues, including “Intelligent Communities.”

He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo in Urban and Regional Planning and holds a Masters in Urban Design from the University of Manchester in the UK. John has also received honorary degrees and professorships for his international work from other international universities. John is credited with initiating the global Intelligent Community movement.

He is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the global think-tank called the “Intelligent Community Forum” (ICF) headquartered in New York City and is President of the Intelligent Community Forum Foundation, a global association of cities in this movement. He is co-author of a series of books on the broadband economy and has published articles and regular international blogs on urban development, urban design, planning and economic development.

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Jonathan Rivard announced as speaker at upcoming event #YGenY

AIESEC Laurier is happy to announce Johnathan Rivard, CEO of CANGO Consulting, as a speaker at our upcoming event, “Why Generation Y Gives You the Competitive Edge”, this May 1st!

Jonathan Rivard is the founder and CEO of CANGO Consulting, a Waterloo Region based social enterprise that works with Canadian grantmakers and charities. Having studied at the University of Waterloo’s Master’s in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology, as well as Harvard’s Master’s in Strategic Management, Jonathan’s acumen and innovative products have made CANGO a recognized leader in social sector development within its first year. In 2013, he was the University of Waterloo’s Conrad Entrepreneur of the Year, and was nominated by the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in early 2014. His work and advocacy for social enterprise and inclusive entrepreneurship policies have been covered by the Globe and Mail, Waterloo Region Record, Waterloo Chronicle, and CTV ProvinceWide.

CANGO Consulting also awards the KW Non-Profit Innovation Grant to local non-profit agencies to be used towards implementing innovation; new software, an inspiring event, research, materials development, or supporting a new initiative. The granting process involves the use like Twitter to encourage the nonprofit community to share their ideas and stories.

With Jonathan’s excellent experience and knowledge of the Kitchener-Waterloo area, we are very excited to hear his insight in the millennium generation and how they are beneficial to local businesses.

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Jonathan Rivard Speaker for #YGenY

Inc. Magazine’s guide to effectively managing interns

Inc. magazine published an article on their website titled, “How to Manage Interns.” This article, written by Josh Spiro, provided tips to small businesses on how to properly and effectively manage an intern. For many small businesses, taking on an intern is new and is not completely regulated by the company. The article explains how hiring an intern is beneficial to the new venture and how an effective internship program can benefit its growth.

Inc. magazine focuses on growing companies and publishes articles on how these small businesses can succeed in their current environment.

Some tips that Josh gave were:

  • Understanding what type of internship the business would be creating
  • Providing opportunities for interns to try different aspects of a business
  • Providing mentorship and advice
  • Making the time commitment and keeping the intern for the full term,
  • Avoiding any legal trouble at all cost.

By following these tips, the author suggests that this would lead to a positive internship experience.

This article is very helpful to the small businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo area because it aids to show how a small business can grow into a competitive company in its industry. With many start-ups in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, companies should consider looking for innovative ways to stay competitive and this includes taking on an intern. By taking on an intern, specifically an AIESEC intern, companies are able to gain a global and competitive edge.

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Rida’s adventures in Brazil

Last summer, Rida Nasim, currently a second year student at Laurier, went on a Global Talent exchange to Brazil. After the long flight to Brazil, upon her arrival to the airport, Rida’s host family as well a group of AIESECers came to greet her. The friendly nature of this group was not unique as one of Rida’s first impressions of her host country was how friendly Brazilians are and how willing they were to take her places and show her new things.

IMG_20130818_211540While in Brazil, Rida lived with a Brazilian family that consisted of two sisters and an aunt. The family was very accommodating and always made lots of different types of Brazilian foods to try. Although the language barrier made communication between Rida and her host family difficult at times, they still go on Skype together and want her to come back this summer.

When asked to describe one of her most memorable experiences from the exchange, Rida decided on when AIESEC members and other coworkers took a trip to a nearby beach city. This gave everyone a chance to get together and enjoy themselves outside of their day-to-day jobs.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to go on an exchange, and one of Rida’s initial intentions was to experience new things and travel. She ended up getting to see things that only locals knew about and that she would probably not have gotten to see otherwise. From her experience Rida was able to grow personally in many ways and became more adaptable and open minded. While it wasn’t her initial intention in going to Brazil to make friends, she made good friendships with a lot of people and overall the exchange exceeded her expectations in ways that she wasn’t expecting.

SAM_1282You yourself can have an outstanding experience abroad if you register with AIESEC!

Experience the world firsthand and gain valuable life experiences that will help you in your future endeavours. Where will AIESEC take you?

Meal in a Jar Co-Founder Announced to Speak at Upcoming #YGenY Event

AIESEC Laurier is proud to announce Carson Kolberg as one of the guest speakers at our upcoming event, “Why Generation Y Gives You the Competitive Edge”, this May 1st!

Carson, a Laurier graduate and former AIESEC Laurier president for two consecutive years, has been an influential member of the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Teaming up with Irene Divaris, he helped create Meal in a Jar, a local start-up that sells healthy meals packed in mason jars. What started out as a hobby that was run out of Irene’s kitchen, Carson was able to use his tech-savvy and entrepreneurial skills to grow it into a successful business that sells over 300 jars a week. Recently, Meal in a Jar signed a partnership that allowed select locations in Wilfrid Laurier University’s Waterloo campus to sell Meal in a Jar.

Carson is a prime example of a millennial that has achieved great success in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Carson will be able to highlight how his experience in AIESEC Laurier has given him that competitive edge in the market place for start-ups. With the skills and knowledge attained through his university career, Carson is a prime example of how millennials are able to make a huge impact on small businesses and should be leveraged by companies looking to grow in various ways: rapidly, globally, competitively – or even all three.

Carson will be appearing on Dragon’s Den to pitch Meal in a Jar to the “dragons” on April 9th! For more information on Meal in a Jar, check out their website here!

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The Effects of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement on the Kitchener-Waterloo Area

After attending Canada’s Tech Triangle thoughts on the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement, it became apparent that this agreement will open many opportunities for Canadian businesses. We are excited to see more synergies between the European countries and Canada. However, it will take time for businesses to understand and take advantage of this agreement. Companies will still need to understand the new market and how to promote their products and services to these new clients. This is where AIESEC comes in.

Blog pic

As AIESEC is focused on providing companies with young global talent, we are able to bring in recent graduates with bachelors or masters degrees to work in Canada for companies. This will allow companies a chance to learn and understand about their culture. We, in AIESEC, are excited to see how foreign standards and credentials start changing, making us able to find even better candidates.

With this new agreement, there will be many more AIESEC members attending the European conferences to gain a better understanding of their culture and needs in order for us to be able to grow the WENA region. We look forward to learning more about the agreement as they become available and also look forward to helping CTT and their members grow within the European Nations.

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Are you interested in making a difference in the world? Are you seeking to gain a new understanding of the world and looking for an engaging job experience? Then this is the perfect internship for you!

AIESEC has partnered with the Government of Colombia to encourage the facilitation of meaningful 5-6 month internships that would entail making an impact on youth in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota.

This incredible opportunity consists of teaching English to many Colombians so they can be better equipped to take on our increasingly global world and be the new leaders of tomorrow. By using your skills to teach English to others you will be participating in helping to shape the next generation of Colombians!

The possible positions include:

  • Shape the Future – Working at district schools and teaching English to children of low income families
  • Shape 4 The Future – Teaching English to youth and adults in the SENA
  • Shape Organizations -  Teaching English to Deloitte employees

Details before you set off for Colombia:

  • Internship is 40 hours/ week, with a salary of $850 USD a month
  • Official language of Colombia is Spanish
  • Bogota is the capital and largest city in Colombia, with a rich cultural history and an important role in the world’s economy

Don’t waste another summer in an unfulfilling job when you could be in Colombia, being part of a global community and leaving a positive impact on the world!

Check out this video before you get started.

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Shape Colombia