AIESEC Laurier representing Canada in Taiwan for AIESEC International Congress 2014

AIESEC International Congress (IC) is one of AIESEC’s biggest anticipated conferences that unites youtth delegates from all over the world at one place and time to communicate goals for the next period, celebrate the sucesses and share the experience. IC takes place annually and consists of 10 days of discovery, collaboration and inspiration for the current AIESEC top level leaders from all over the world. The conference consists of 10 days of discovery, collaboration and inspiration for the current AIESEC top level leaders from all over the world.

AIESEC Laurier’s Local Committee President, Chungsoon Haw, is currently representing AIESEC Canada along with other youth leaders from different universities within Canada.

AIESEC Laurier's LCP, Chungsoon Haw, with other Canadian youth leaders representing Canada in International Congress 2014.

AIESEC Laurier’s LCP, Chungsoon Haw, with other Canadian youth leaders representing Canada in International Congress 2014.

jean choplin

Founder of AIESEC, Jean Choplin, shares a powerful speech at International Congress 2014.

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Canny Chiu’s Global Citizen Exchange in India

Last month we sat down with Canny Chiu, our current Vice President of Outgoing Exchange, to hear about his Global Citizen exchange experience in India.

1. What were you expecting to get out of your exchange experience? Did you get what you expected?

I wanted to have an adventure of a lifetime, I wanted to see a new world and be thrown so far outside of my comfort zone.

2. Can you describe one of your most memorable moments from your exchange?

One of my most memorable moments was my goodbye dinner where 30 other interns/aiesecers wished me farewell. Another really memorable moment from my exchange was when I was volunteering for the NGO, I also worked with a couple of local volunteers, they became some of my closest friends, and even though they weren’t the ones to drive me back to the airport, they came anyways and spent the last hour of my time in India waiting with me.

3. Was there anything that surprised you about India that you didn’t know before you went there?

I think I underestimated how busy/high traffic life is compared to the suburbs of Toronto.

4. How was your experience with the local AIESEC chapters in your host country?

AIESEC Chandigarh is an absolutely amazing LC. Not everything was perfect about the place I lived in or my job, but this AIESEC Chapter did everything in their power to make my experience as good as possible. Sometimes you can’t predict what goes wrong on an exchange and when they do you can’t fault people for trying their best.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out what he had to say here:

Did you know… AIESEC History

AIESEC International created a video that outlined the history of AIESEC. Told through AIESEC International members, it describes the creation and relevance AIESEC has had in the world since the 1950s. This videos helps students and companies understand AIESEC a little more and be able to understand the impact AIESEC has had on the world.

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Four WLU Students Selected for AIESEC Canada’s National Support Team

The National Support Team (NST) consists of bright, active, and intelligent members all over AIESEC Canada and four of Laurier’s amazing members were appointed to become National Coaches! Not only are these youth leaders representing the Waterloo region on a national level, but they are also working beyond their role within Laurier’s Local Committee (LC).  The NST ensures that AIESEC Canada is maintaining high synergy between the Member Committee (MC) and LCs to drive national growth.

The following AIESEC Laurier members include:

  • Stephanie Yi – currently our Executive Vice President taking on the role as a New Sales Coach
  • Canny Chiu – currently our Vice President for Outgoing Exchange taking on the role as a National Coach for Outgoing Exchange
  • Shinjni Sharma – currently our Vice President of Corporate Relations taking on the role as an Account Delivery Coach
  • Joelle Leung – currently our Director of Internal Marketing taking on the role as a Brand Manager

northoncoastal and atlantic team student marketing

AIESEC Laurier member, Faiq Shad, Goes Global

AIESEC Laurier’s very own member, Faiq Shad, 2nd year Economics Major student, shares his experiences in Brazil, Germany, and parts of Europe. Faiq is also one of our new members that started out in January 2014. As a Learning and Development Coordinator of AIESEC Laurier, Faiq is a great example of a member who shows active participation, enthusiasm, and determination within our local commmittee.

To receive more updates on Faiq’s journey, check out his blog here!



9 Ways Millennials Can Teach Others about Engagement



An interesting read about another perspective on Millennials by Nigel Miller, Co-chair Europe and CIS Employee Engagement & Global Director Talent Engagement at Edelman. Miller shares that if given a chance, Millennials can engage others through the following:

  1. Frequent, instant recognition
  2. More productive use of time
  3. Short term performance management
  4. More collaboration
  5. A more explicit employee deal
  6. Meritocracy
  7. More fun
  8. More purpose
  9. Tailored engagement action plans

To read the full article, click here.

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Volunteering for AIESEC is Tough

Image courtesy of Kate Tippin (@tippin_point)

“I meet with corporate professionals every so often for coffee, for meetings, at networking events, or even just hanging around cool places like

Communitech. I talk to them with the purpose of getting them interested in AIESEC, specifically to get them to take on an international intern. I mean we have some great interns working in the Region for Google and Maplesoft, and a couple more in process too. But one comment I have gotten from most of the people I meet with is: “You’re volunteering to do this? And you’re a student? This is like a full-time job.” And it truly is.

AIESEC is commonly mistaken to be just like any other “club” at Laurier. Officially speaking, AIESEC Laurier is a club, but it is, in fact, a division of the world’s largest student-run non-profit organization. And we run exactly like one. We have student volunteers (“AIESECers”); not members. We create experiences on local, national, and international levels. We work with our counterparts in 124 different countries to drive international internship experiences. We do this because we want to achieve the peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential – we do not want a World War III.”

-Gunjan Marwah, Vice President of External Marketing & Communications at AIESEC Laurier

Read the rest here.

The above excerpt is from Gunjan Marwah’s most recent blog post, as she is preparing to go on her 3-month teaching internship in Arequipa, Peru. You can follow her blog and stay tuned to her journey at

As our students are almost a month into summer, they are up to many different things. They’re taking classes, working a summer job, starting up their own businesses – and going on exchange. One of the things we always suggest our exchange participants do while abroad is keep a blog. That way, they can share their experiences with their peers and inspire others do take on a similar experience. We will be sharing some of our exchange participant stories throughout the summer, so be sure to follow our blog to get updates.

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